Welcome to my webpage. My name is Judyth Vary Baker and I had an affair with Lee Harvey Oswald when he was living in New Orleans. We would meet at Mrs. Webber's rooming house. You can read all the juicey details by clicking on the book cover above and purchase the book from Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter Seven of ME & LEE.


On the 21st of November I moved to Dallas, Texas, to be near Lee. On November 22, 1963 I was supposed to meet Lee outside the Texas School Book Depository where he worked at a CIA sponsored job moving books and we were both going to go to the movies. We loved to neck in the movies. We were going to see CRY OF BATTLE starring Van Heflen.

This is a picture of the Movie House, readers. It proves that Lee Harvey Oswald and Judyth Very Baker were to meet there that day. I was so excited I took my dog Sparky on a long long walk to Dealy Plaza so I could look at the Texas School Book Depository where Lee worked. Any thing associated with Lee was a turn on for me. It was around noon and Sparky had to do his business. I didn't want him doing it in Dealy Plaza so I took him behind a fence on a incline that has become known as "the grassy knoll." There was a man there who looked like a Secret Service agent. I took my eyes off Sparky and he lifted his leg and peed on the gentleman's shoe. As he bent down to wipe the urine off a rifle fell out of his overcoat. "Just here to protect the President m'am. He will be here soon." I just left there with Sparky who began barking at the man. Well the rest is history. Lee realized he was being framed by Gerry Patrick Hemming for the Big Event so hightailed it to the Texas Theatre to meet me, Judyth Very Baker his one and only true love (and not that bitch Marina) for one last farewell handjob. But as fate would have it I had Sparky with me and they wouldn't let me into the movie house.

This is a photo of me and Sparky who happened the share the same name with Jack "Sparky" Rubenstein, my what a co-incidence. The other photo is of me in the 1960's. You can see why Lee couldn't help falling in love with me. I was not a mousey looking plain Jane skanky white trash bitch like Marina.


She never met the living Oswald even once in her life. Baker's claim I WAS OSWALD'S MISTRESS is false from top to bottom - her name is not Baker, she is divorced from Robert Baker. Judyth Very Baker is not mentioned in either of husand's OBIT 1 OBIT 2 Even the name of her dog is false and is part of a con game based entirely on her having worked at the same company as Lee Harvey Oswald during the summer of 1963.

But there is something wrong. Do the math. She said she started working at Reilly on May 15, 1963 and her last paycheck was August 9, 1963. She made $519 roughly 32.75 a week. She made $6.40 a day. Oswald was a oiling coffee machines for $1.50 an hour or $12 a day. Note the Judyth Ann Baker. Why not Avery? Because fraud is involved in everything she does. This is how Baker responded to my accusations:

Kris, sent a copy of this to Brian Mumford...'Weberman said the following, and will show you how he twists the words...WEBERMAN: "Do the math. Baker said she started working at Reilly[sic] on May 15, [MAY 10-16 AT STANDARD]1963 [started at Reily May17] and her last paycheck was August 9, 1963. She made $519 roughly 32.75 a week. She made $6.40 a day. Oswald was a oiling coffee machines for $1.50 an hour or $12 a day - Note the Judyth Ann[sic] Baker. Why not Avery? [Weberman has read Mcadams and Education Forum misinformation that Jack White posted about my real name, which he thought was originally 'Avary'--even this spelling weberman did not get right--used this as my first name while teaching in Louisiana for my protection....]

For protection against what? Against those she ripped off in other scams finding her?

What is sad is that many people respected Weberman, but he stalked Bob Dylan and he is stalking me now, Everywhere. As for the Reily shortfall, I have explained in the book Weberman says he does not have to read, about being docked a week's pay, and why. As you know i was horrified at not getting paid, as it was discovered I had been gone the afternoons of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and they refused to pay me for the entire past week, plus were going to dock me for 'late lunches' that they discovered occurred every Friday...Reily made a direct deposit eventually to the bank.

We have to take her word for all this. There was no direct deposit back then.

As you know, we waited an extra day for it (and to get the car fixed) but finally withdrew everything from the bank and went on to Florida. Soon after, Reily direct deposited the settlement check. This was reported on a different W-2 because there was no check number. I was unable to save a check stub for it, of course. Below is the $46.20 settlement direct deposit from Reily. It was on a separate W-2 form which I did not keep. However, you can see we withdrew 'everything' just before that deposit and that the direct deposit from Reily 'came out of the blue' and is shown separately. But Weberman didn't look at the book where I mention waiting for the Reily settlement. The settlement reflected a raise Lee arranged for me, by the way. He had argued that after 90 days if I did not get a raise it would look strange. They had approved it the day before. and as my pay of $10.49 reflects, the raise shows up also for my last day of work of Aug. 9

Baker says she is living with strippers and whores in New Orleans but she was not one herself. Than why live with them? This bitch is a fucking sleavebag piece of White trash. Her job prior to Reilly entailed flipping burgers at White Castle. Baker told Mary Farrell that "her soon-to-be husband, Robert Baker, had chosen to write to each other through General Delivery using code names." She also threatened Mary. Baker claims to have met Oswald in the Post Office in New Orleans while she was mailed a letter to Baker. Just a chance meeting. But the fact of the matter is that Oswald would have become paranoid if anyone approached him and run in the other direction. He thought himself to be a intelligence agent subject to surveillance. The way she verbatim recalls her allegeded conversations is impossible. Note how the woman who rents them the room is only known as "Mrs. Webber." Mrs. Webber has no address does she? Impossible to confirm if such a person existed. The bitch saves streetcar tickets, everything imaginable, except for tangible proof she knew Oswald. She claims to be around him day after day. Don't you think Marina might have gotten curious? Don't you think Oswald attitude toward her might have changed as he had less respect for her. She would have detected this along with his absence. The whole story is totally absurd. If she wrote that she would meet Oswald once a month or once a week that is one thing. But she has so many meetings with him that it would have been picked up by the FBI in their investigation for the Warren Commission. Her husband, who she married in May 1963 would have become suspicious. She says Oswald developed his own Minox film yet the Dallas PD found an undeveloped roll among his possessions. The footnotes in this book are not real footnotes just the bitch expounding on her own bullshit. It was no secret Oswald worked for Reily. From Coup D'Etat in America:

"On May 10, 1963, Oswald started work at the William B. Reily Coffee Company at 640 Magazine Street, oiling coffee grinding equipment for $1.50 an hour. The CIA reported, “The firm W. B. Reily & Co., Inc., for which no address is given, is the Subject of #EE-314. This firm was of interest as of April 1949. There is, however, no information whatever by which the firm can be identified, as being, or not being, that named in Oswald’s address book. The only information we have regarding the firm is that a James W. Reily was associated with it.”

My guess is that the CIA was interested in Reily because of its international connections or funneled money through the Reily Family Foundation which was known as the Luzianne Foundation in 1949.

After she left Reilly or was fired she moved in with her husband in Florida. Baker admitted that she was cheating on her husband when she was sucking on Oswald's dick and letting him give it to her up the ass in Adrian Alba's garage. If she confesses xxxthat she was willing to deceive the one she purported to love why not con the rubes, the marks, the weak-minded cult followers who are so prevalent in America. The minute you hear that she waited thirty years to tell her story bells should start to ring. Liar. Liar. When someone files a police report 30 years later the cops ask "Why wait 30 years to report it?" Baker never went to any government agency with her story. If it is true, Baker, tell it to the FBI but remember it is crime to lie to them. But Baker can always invent an excuse - "I was afraid of the CIA and the FBI." How did she know they were after her? Where are police reports on the threats she said she received? Why didn't see make a report to the FBI if her life was in danger and get an agent's business card to prove that she did? She can again say "Because the FBI was in on it so I was afraid to contact them." Judging from the number of cities she is listed in when you do a Zabba search somewhere along the line she ran out of money and got the bright idea to parley her having worked at Reilly Coffee at the same time as Oswald into a book hustle and lecture hustle around the same time Oliver Stone's movie came out. Why didn't she approach Stone with her story?

Baker collects money from her cult members from a mail drop and fowarder in Sweden. All Baker is, is a hustler selling herself to the suckers, who are born every minute, as the last JFK conspiracy witness so the nothing nowhere people can feel they somehow played a part in this historical event.

Everyone who worked in the same section as Oswald at Reilly was questioned by the FBI but not Baker. Why didn't her fellow workers see them together? The only one who says she saw them together was Anna Lewis, whose husband spilled his guts to Jim Garrison but never mentioned double dating with Oswald and Baker. Anna is just trying to pick up a couple of extra bucks by going along with the hustle because her husband was a screw up and left her destitute. Same with Buell Wesley Frazier changing his story about the rifle. Just trying to pick up some bucks by going against the findings of the Warren Commission. Both trying to exploit their 15 minutes of fame.

Baker also never told her story to the Warren Commission, the Rockefeller Commission, the HSCA or to Jim Garrison. This is how she explains this:


Do you really believe she never heard of the Garrison Investigation. Surely Oswald's "mistress" would be interested in it. So she could not afford buy a newspaper for 10 cents? Anyone who believes this is an idiot. Her ex-husband wrote her out of his life when he realized she was grifter. She is not mentioned in any of the Warren Commission documents and Exhibits and there is no correspondence with her from Oswald as there is with his mother, brother, CPUSA etc. Nothing released under the JFK Documents Act mentions her or Oswald chippying on Marina except for when he fucked Sylvia Duran to prod her on to getting him a visa to Cuba. One would think Baker would have kept some memento, a photo, a note something linking her to LHO, something in his handwriting. Fact of the matter is she never ever met Oswald. She just used the fact that she worked at Reilly to construct a total fabrication out of thin air. She studied creative writing and was a hippie who wrote for the underground press. She probably smoked weed. Her boyfriend the tour guide sure looks like he does. She tried to sell her story to 60 Minutes but they turned it down almost immediately.

Baker had to work in her cancer research background to the bullshit. Baker has some crazy story of her and Oswald making a carcinogin for Fidel at the behest of CIA. Oswald had no training in chemistry, toxology. He worked as a welder, janitor and other menial jobs. Men like Sidney Gottlieb from the CIA TSD or William Capers Patrick from US Army Special Ops would have been called upon to create it. If she was working on developing a carcinogin under improvised circumstances the ugly bitch would be dead of cancer by now from self contamination. Read about who these dudes were in BIOJIHAD:

It is a sad commentary on the state of the people interested in the Big Event, the JFK assassination, have degenerated into over the years. Those who believe her also believe 911 was an inside job. The idea is to take the blame off the Islamists and put it on the Jews.

9/11 Revisionists exposed by AJ Weberman

James Fetzer, McKnight Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, University of Minnesota Duluth; Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth; Editor, Assassination Science; Co-Editor, Assassination Research is a big Baker supporter. Look at the line up of Fetzer's speakers:


Ken O'Keefe (Ireland/Palestine), Master of Ceremonies

James Fetzer (US), Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth 
"Are wars in Iraq and Afghanistan justified by 9/11?"

Kevin Barrett (US), Co-Founder, Muslims for 9/11 Truth 
"Islam, Neoconservatism, and the Unwarranted 'War on Terror'"

Gilad Atzmon (UK), Jazz Musician and Political Commentator
 "From Promised Land to Promised Planet: Zionism and Neoconservatism" 

All Jew haters. Another Baker supporter is Cynthia Mckinney a Jew hating 911 revisionist who started fist fights with other Blacks when she was in Congress Ex-wrestler and dangerous populist Jesse Ventura believes her or pretends to do so.

Jesse Ventura steps into America's most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 911 commission report and digging up evidence that the September 11th attacks were an inside job! At the urging of victims' families, he finds witnesses who claim the towers were brought down by explosives, the missing black box flight recorders were actually recovered and ground control knew the hijackers were in the cockpits, before the jets took off!

The grifter was a drifter.

The bitch seemed to move around a lot. Like some traveling patent medicine salesman of the Old West.


She worked for the FBI? She worked for the CIA? Even if she worked for the CIA they would neither confirm nor deny she did. Look at how many times she had to move. Were the townsfolk after her with tar and feathers because she fleeced them.

  • 3 in La Fayette, LA
  • 1 in Altamonte Springs, FL
  • 3 in Orlando, FL
  • 1 in Winter Springs, FL
  • 2 in Bradenton, FL
  • 1 in Apopka, FL
  • 1 in Melville, LA
  • 1 in Palmetto, LA
  • 1 in Washington, DC
  • 1 in Dallas, TX
  • He has posted addresses in states I've never lived in that once held my credit card data, so he's apparently paid a service to find that data, my bank locations, and 'criminal record' (which does not exist). How i wish I could live in the USA, BUT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE WEBERMAN, I CAN'T.

    In the 1990s she claims to have been running several companies, including the Living History Corporation (a for-profit corporation situated in the state of Florida, dissolved in 1991), Living History Corporation filed as a Domestic for Profit Corporation in the State of Florida and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately twenty-seven years ago on Thursday, November 10, 1988 as recorded in documents filed with Florida Department of State. Key People James Baker served as the President Judyth Baker was the Director of Living History Corporation. The Director of Living History Corporation was Lynda Bauer. The registered agent for the company is James M. Baker. Also known as a statutory or resident agent, the registered agent is responsible for receiving legal notifications regarding court summons, lawsuits, and other legal actions involving the corporate entity. Also the American Genome Society (a not-for-profit corporation situated in the state of Florida, with a Louisiana address, which solicited donations that were anywhere from $25 to $100), and the American Cream Puppy Breeders' Association (linked with her new dog breed, the American Cream Dog), not to mention running a magazine of creative writing at about the same time and editing for a college magazine.

    Baker claims to have painted both of these. She is lying as usual. Guess which one she actually painted?

    Mr. Weberman says i did not paint my own painting, that I lied. Below, the stage when it was about 50% complete. Also, one of two final versions...This is my livelihood, and he is damaging my reputation. He might not like my modern art, but many people do. God forgive this man and save his soul. I also include two of my more modern style paintings that apparently Mr. Weberman says 'proves' that I am not an artist....The painting was about 75% done in first photo. My paintings cannot be seen in galleries in the USA anymore because they get slashed, but they still sell ...privately...

    She took the painting and photoshopped it to remove certain parts. Her painting get slashed? Let's see a police report on this.

    In order to convince her cult followers that she is for real she claims to be constantly receiving threats on her life. But you never see or hear them, just her talking about them. Is CIA after her? Is there an ongoing investigation of the Kennedy assassination? Congressional hearings? No just self serving statements.


    Baker is going broke due to the above website so she started her own to refute this one. It is pathetic. You can see it my clicking JFK ASSASSINATION GRIFTER She does not present one piece of evidence that she knew Oswald. Why go to all this fuss to create a website if my allegations didn't ring true. Take if from someone who has dedicated his life to studying the Kennedy assassination, who worked for Cong. Henry Gonzalez and Senator Richard Schweiker, Judyth Baker never met Oswald once in her entire life. Dutchman Jaap Holtzapffel Judyth "japped out" on Jaap. She conned him out of a lot of money and he filed charges against her. She was convicted and ordered to repay the 5000 euros.